Past Events


January 2018: Making a decision
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Popcorns: If I do it, it won't work out well; If I don't do it it means I'm a coward.
December 2017: Success and Failure
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Popcorns: The feeling proves I'm a failure; If I had (more) X, I'd be a success.
November 2017: What happens when I don’t get the LAA I’m seeking?
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Popcorns: He doesn't care about me; I want him to think about my needs.
October 2017: Old people
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Popcorns: Old people are not good listeners; Old people are always seeking approval from me.
One liner: She (an old person) is a hypochondriac.
September 2017: Self-realisation
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Popcorn: This person should realise something.
One liners: She should realise they wouldn't have had a relationshop with him without me; He should realise how much he damages the cooperation.
May 2017: Worry
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Popcorn: I can prevent a disaster by worrying.
One Liners: His life will be difficult; He will be superior because I'm on my own.
April 2017: Prejudice
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Popcorn: They are wrong.
One Liner: I need her to get real.
March 2017: Understanding
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Popcorn: I need you to understand me.
February 2017: An Honest No
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Popcorn: If I say No to you, something terrible will happen.
One Liners: If I say No to them, they'll be disappointed in me; If I say No to her, she'll hold it against me,
January 2017: Time
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Popcorns: I should do it faster. She/He is wasting my time.
One Liner: She should try it out.
December 2016: Ego
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Popcorn: He/She has a big ego.
One Liners: I want her to be on my side; I need him to tak his own inventory.
November 2016: Teachers/Gurus
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One Liners: His behaviour was inappropriate; He has no idea what he's talking about.
October 2016: What they think of me
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Popcorn: He/she thinks this.
One Liners: I want him to not think I'm a trouble maker; I want her to not think she's better than me.
September 2016: Service
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Popcorn: They don't appreciate me.
One Liners; She shouldn't be so absent; I'll have no time for myself.
May 2016: Effortless Living
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Popcorn: Nothing supports me without my effort.
One Liners: They need to see my accomplishments; There isn't enough time.
April 2016: Who/What am I not good enough for?
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March 2016: It's just wrong
No recording
February 2016: Feeling Responsible for other people
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Popcorn: I'm responsible for him/her.
January 2016: Cooped up over Christmas
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One Liners: She is giving them rubbish to eat; I need him to be on my side.
Popcorn: I have to get away from her/him.
November 2015: Social Situations
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Popcorn: She is criticising me.
One liners: She is unfriendly without reason; I want her to be honest to me; I need her to treat me as special.
October 2015: Feelings
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Popcorn: He shouldn't be feeling this.
One liners: She is so ungrateful; He is avoiding a fair discussion.
September 2015: Loss
Not recorded
Popcorn: This shouldn't be happening to me.
One liners: Cancer came to Binky; I want cancer not to make him suffer.
May 2015: Change
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Popcorn: I need to be in control.
One liners: I have to let her go; It is keeping me out; She is telling me the facts of life.
April 2015: Fear
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Popcorn: (S)He/I will die.
One Liners: I need them to think I'm funny; I need her to show that she's ok.
March 2015: Jealousy
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Popcorn: (S)He is better than me.
One Liners: He is ignoring me; I need him to think I am a spiritual presence at the meeting.
February 2015: Loneliness
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Popcorns: I am lacking love; It's their fault I'm lonely.
One liners: He defended Tara; He is sitting too far away from me.
December 2014: Being right
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Popcorn: He/She is wrong.
One liners: I want her to not challenge what I say. She should realise she doesn't have all the answers.
November 2014: Focussing on The Ego
One Liners: He shouldn't react irritated with me, I need him to be more respectful to them.
Popcorn: By believing this thought I get to be important.
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October 2014: Blocks to Creativity
Popcorn: I’m not good enough at (drawing, performing, writing, singing etc…)
One Liners: He died 3 weeks ago; My mother thinks I’m not talented.
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September 2014: Self Improvement
One liners: My parents are sending me away to Boarding School; John has more tenacity than I.
Popcorn: I need to improve my personality.
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May 2014: Stories about Doing
Popcorn: It's too much for me.
One liners: He is so unfriendly; You criticise me for being late; I want him to shut up.
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April 2014: Paranoia
One Liners: (S)he doesn't like me; I want her to be my friend; I want him to make eye contact with me.
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March 2014: Loving our Flaws
One Liners: My chat was not welcome to him; She complains lots about her legs.
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February 2014: "Doing the Dishes"
One Liners: I should be more organised; He is a slave driver; I am cut in two pieces.
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January 2014: Interpretation of Body Language
Effortless Living
Morning Workshop, Bellewstown, Co Meath, Monthly from September 2017
Effortless Living
Weekend Workshop, Totnes, June 2017
Going Deeper
Residential Weekend Workshop

Kerdiffstown House, Naas
Friday Nov 4th 5pm to Sunday Nov 6th 5pm
€145 including all meals (vegetarian) and lodgings
Facilitated by Ursula Carlin and Bríd Ni Chionaola
Contact Ursula (0872934614) or Bríd (0873569436) or at

This event is open to The Work Ireland members, Certified Facilitators and Candidates in the ITW Certification program.

For more information:



Clear Communication - Teleclass
How to be clear and communicate what you want from life 

6 Tuesdays: 23 February–29 March 2016, 7–8.30pm
Cost: €145 Euro
Registration and more information: 
Ursula Carlin, 00353 872934614,
Or Bríd Ní Chionaola, 00353 873569436,

Would you like to improve communication with yourself and others? To find your true voice and speak the truth without fear? To stop people-pleasing, to feel comfortable asking for what you want, saying what you mean and giving an honest no? To hear others without stressful interpretations of what you think they are saying?

Join us to identify and question the thoughts that prevent you from communicating clearly, take you out of your integrity, and hold you back in work and personal relationships.

In this 6-week teleclass, using The Work of Byron Katie, you’ll have an opportunity to

improve your communication skills and ability to listen.
discover your authentic voice
find freedom from limiting beliefs

Everyone is welcome, whether new to or experienced in The Work.


Four Week Online Teleclass:

I can’t have kids and that means…
Inquiring into the thoughts around infertility and involuntary childlessness

Teleclass -  accessible by phone or Skype
Dates: Four Thursdays January 21 – February 11, 2016
Time:  7 - 8.30pm Irish Time
Facilitated by: Brid Ni Chionaola, Certified Facilitator of The work of Byron Katie
Cost: €95 Euro/$105 USD
More Information: Contact me, Brid, at -;  +353873569436,

Facing the prospect of a life without kids of our own can feel unfair, unjust or torturous. We may look at others and feel that by comparison we are missing out in one of the great joys of life. We have cherished images all our lives of what our kids will be like and now those expectations are dashed.

In this four week teleclass, we will be using the four questions and turnarounds of The Work of Byron Katie to look at the root cause of our suffering, which may open us up to a radical acceptance of infertility.

This class is open to those who are new to or experienced in The Work. For those new to The Work, please read Loving What Is by Byron Katie before our first class.

We will cover these topics:
Week One: What do they have that I don’t have?
Week Two: Who’s to Blame?
Week Three: Doctors/Medications/Treatments/Alternative practitioners
Week Four: Hell is Other People!

At least an hour of homework (partner work and individual work) will be assigned each week between sessions.

"I have this amazing love affair with myself going on, because I realize what that Self is. There just cannot be another!"  (Byron Katie)


Monthly Event, Dublin from Oct 2014 onwards.

All welcome


The Gift of Cancer - Teleclass
Cancer, Fear and Dying
with Certified Facilitators Brid Ni Chionaola and Joy Karim

Six week teleclass using The Work of Byron Katie
On Cancer, Fear and Dying
Accessible through phone or Skype.
6 Thursdays starting January 15th.
7pm Irish time/11am Pacific time.

Week One: Judge Your Body
Week Two: Who’s to Blame?
Week Three: Doctors/Medications/Treatments
Week Four: Hell is Other People
Week Five: Pain: Friend or Foe?
Week Six: Death and Dying

This telecourse can be taken privately, one-on-one, with Brid and Joy for $530 USD (€415). No ITW credits will be earned with this option.
It Should've been me
Ending the competition in your world

Six week teleclass using The Work of Byron Katie
On Jealousy, Comparison and Competition.
Accessible through phone or Skype.
6 Wednesdays starting September 10th.
7pm Irish time/11am Pacific time.
Facilitated by Ursula Carlin and Brid Ni Chionaola
Also run as a 4 week course on Jealousy January 2015


Effortless Living

Afternoon Event with The Work of Byron Katie
Mespil Hotel, Dublin, Ireland
Satuday May 24th 2-6pm
And Satuday September 20th 2-6pm €25
Facilitated by Ursula Carlin and Bríd Ní Chionaola
Afternoon Event with The Work of Byron Katie




The Compulsive Mind

Six week Teleclass accessible by Skype or phone

Facilitated by Brid Ni Chionaola and Joy Karim

Inquiring Into the Thoughts that Trigger Addictions and Compulsions

Six Tuesdays, April 1 - May 6, 2014
6 - 7:30 pm GMT/Irish Time
10 - 11:30 am Pacific Time
€145/$195 (repeaters get 25% off)

This teleclass was also run on: 6 Tuesdays, 5 Nov.–10 Dec. 2013

Food, work, busyness, cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, T.V., shopping…

Many of us believe our emotions cause us to suffer so we reach outside ourselves to some of the activities and substances mentioned above to try to control, eradicate or medicate them. Our emotions, however, are merely an alarm bell to show us we’re believing thoughts that aren’t true for us.
Here’s the order of creation:  first comes the belief/thought, then the emotions, then action and then the result. If we want to uncover the truth behind our actions, we have to go back to the thought and investigate that.
In this teleclass, we will look at those circular thoughts, which when believed, lead to addictions and compulsions. By inquiring into these thoughts with The Four Questions and Turnarounds of The Work, we get to the root cause of the addictive cycle and to see our compulsions and addictions as merely alarm bells for our untrue thoughts. This class does not set out to cure compulsions or addictions, rather to meet them with understanding.
There will be a month long aftercare program and a follow up call with the presenters a month after the course ends.
This class is open to those who are new to, or experienced in, The Work. For those new to The Work, please read Loving What Is by Byron Katie before our first class.

This teleclass will cover the following topics:
Week One: Befriending my Addiction/Compulsion.
Week Two: Escaping the Pain Within
Week Three: Inquiring Into Self-Attack Thoughts (I am not good enough…)
Week Four: The Story of “I”.
Week Five: I am as Sick as my Secrets
Week Six: Emergency Kit/Making Amends

There will be also be one hour of partner work/homework each week between sessions.

“Bodies don’t crave, bodies don’t want, bodies don’t know, don’t care, don’t get hungry or thirsty. It’s what that mind attaches to – ice cream, alcohol, drugs, sex, money – that the body reflects. There are no physical addictions, only mental ones. Body follows mind. It doesn’t have a choice.” ~ Byron Katie, Question Your Thinking, Change The World.

Registration and Payment:

Please email me ( for a registration form. Payment may be made by clicking the PayPal button below. You don't need a PayPal account to pay via this method.

Registration Fee


Money, Money, Money

Three Wednesday Evenings in January,  2014 - Dublin


Taking Down The Walls

Finding Freedom from the Past...

Weekend workshop in Derry/Londonderry October 2013

Sat 19th October 10am - 5.30pm

Sun 20th October 10am - 5pm

Facilitated by Brid Ni Chionaola, Ursula Carlin, Nadine Ferris France and Tony Carlin.

St. Columb's Park House
4 Limavady Road
Northern Ireland

Price for tuition: £145 (€170)

Contact: Tony (+44) 7843587757 or
Brid (+353) 873569436




Do The Work in Dublin
Drop in sessions Tuesday evenings, 7-9pm, April 9th - June 25th 2013,

and Wednesdays 7-9pm September 25th - October 30th 2013                    Dublin City Centre

Hosted by Brid Ni Chionaola, Celine Keogh, Nadine Ferris France and Ursula Carlin.
Everyone is welcome, including those new to, as well as experienced in, The Work.

Venue:          Filmbase, Curved Street, Temple Bar
Day:              Tuesdays
Date:             9 April -  25 June
Time:             7pm-9pm
Cost:             €10 drop in

The atmosphere will be relaxed and informal.   We'll do an introduction for those new to The Work, guide the group through exercises, and provide worksheets etc so just bring along some water, a pen and paper - and any stressful thoughts you might have in the meantime.

Feel free to contact Ursula (087 2934614 or email)  if you've any questions about the group, the format, the location and so on.