Do The Work with Bríd

Facilitated Sessions

As a Certified facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, I will work through your Judge-Your-Neighbour Worksheet  with you. You can come to the session with a Judge your Neighbour worksheet filled in or we can do it together.

Facilitations are by appointment only and may be done in person, by phone or skype.

You can also take any of the teleclasses I have run, privately. Each session for a teleclass is one and a half hours and is 6 sessions unless otherwise stated. See below for cost


One to one sessions for adults are €50 each (discounted to €200 for five sessions).
One to one sessions for children are €40 each (discounted to €160 for 5 sessions).

Private Teleclasses:
The Gift of Cancer, with Brid and Joy: €415 ($530 USD).

It Should've Been Me, 4 session teleclass on jealousy, with Brid and Ursula Carlin: €280.
It Should've Been Me, 6 session teleclass on jealousy and competition, with Brid and Ursula Carlin: €415